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Shaping History Through Prayer & Fasting.
Shaping History Through Prayer & Fasting. You can make a difference in these volatile times. In Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting, you will discover the simple, yet powerful, tools you need to have an impact on the destinies of nations. Derek relates personal incidents where prayer was answered during WW2 in N. Africa and as principal of the teachers training college in Kenya that changed the history of that nation at the time. Learn how you too can implement change - in your family, church, locale, country, and the world through these two powerful weapons - Prayer and Fasting. prayer and fasting
Grace of Yielding
Grace of Yielding "Is the prospect of surrendering your entire life to God frightening or heartening? Discover the secret, hidden wisdom that comes from yielding to Him — and how to take hold of His grace to do it. grace
Through the Psalms
Through the Psalms The Bible says that David — despite his glaring humanness — was a man after God's own heart. In this insightful devotional, Derek Prince teaches from David's psalms on pressing in closer to God. Derek Prince says "Perhaps you are weary of frustration and failure. Then take heed to God's rules. Meditate on them. Apply them. They will work in your life. God himself guarantees you success." psalms
Holy Spirit in You
Holy Spirit in You "Understand the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. To enjoy the wealth of the kingdom of God, we must recognise the Holy Spirit as its sole administrator. Your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit will no longer be hindered when you grasp the truth about Him as your: holy spirit
Rediscovering God's Church
Rediscovering God's Church How can you fulfill your calling for the 21st century? Where's your place in the church? Internationally renowned Bible teacher, Derek Prince, answers these question and many others as he describes God's original blueprint for the church. The church is God's family - a place of love, acceptance, joy, learning and purpose; a refuge from the stresses of the world; and an oasis where you are strengthened in your walk with the Lord. Be infused with a new sense of power and expectation as you learn what it means to be a vital member of the body of Christ. Help fulfill God's vision for the church by becoming a dynamic ambassador for His message to a lost world. blueprint for the church
Protection from Deception Expanded version
Protection from Deception Expanded version "How will Christians discern truth from falsehood as the end times approach? According to the Scripture, supernatural signs and wonders will multiply as we approach the end times. God isn't the only one with a plan, however – Satan is plotting a scheme to deceive believers with supernatural signs and wonders of his own. With relentless deceptions, the devil tries to keep us from the divine love and protection of God. In Protection from Deception, renowned Bible scholar Derek Prince will equip you to: - Test the source of supernatural signs and wonders - Discern Truth from falsehood - Break free from the strongholds of Satan - Resist the schemes of Satan - Powerfully share the gospel. Don’t be deceived! You, too, can uncover the enemy’s strategies, effectively engage in spiritual battles – and WIN!" strongholds supernatural signs and wonders
God’s Plan for Your Money
God’s Plan for Your Money God has a plan for all aspects of your life, including your finances. In this book, Derek reveals how to handle your money according to Biblical principles so that you may live in God's blessing and abundance. In this contemporary culture, money plays a large role in each of our lives. If God does not have a plan for our money, then a major part of living is not under His control. In turn, this will inevitably affect other areas of our lives. finances
Gods Remedy for Rejection
Gods Remedy for Rejection "In our society, millions of people have experienced rejection as a result of...Divorce, Poverty, Child abuse, Abandonment, Parental neglect, Public humiliation, Unwanted pregnancy, Failure at school or work, Lack of parental affection. rejection
Testing Do you sometimes feel as if you are going through the furnace? None of us are exempt form difficult experiences in life. Some of those difficulties come because we live in a fallen world and we face an enemy who seeks to rob and destroy. On other occasions we suffer the consequences of wrong choices we have made. Then there are other times when God puts us through a test. In this booklet, Derek Prince focuses on the last two kinds of situations. Discover the difference between God’s testing and God's chastening. Learning how to distinguish between these two will help us know how to respond to each in the right way. The author gives many scriptural examples and solid principles to build on. And you may be surprised at what he considers the hardest test of all. testing
Surviving the Last Days
Surviving the Last Days In this powerful booklet, you will learn about the great, basic problem humanity faces, the essential key to approaching the last days, and Jesus' role in the end of the age. As you embrace these truths, you will discover how to face the last days without fear. end times
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Who is the Holy Spirit? Derek Prince describes the Holy Spirit as ‘the least understood Person in the Bible.’ But then he goes on to describe the Spirit in a way that makes Him understandable. This book will draw you into a closer and more intimate relationship with that mysterious, yet wonderful, Person - the Holy Spirit. holy spirit
War in Heaven
War in Heaven "A cosmic view of God's plan – from start to finish! The Bible reveals that when God laid the foundations of the earth, the angels were watching. One of those angels would become the central figure in a rebellion to wrest God of His magnificent creation. Thus began a conflict of epic proportions that leaves today's believer with many questions: - Why did God allow evil in the first place? - If evil was defeated at the cross, why does it continue to exist? - Does spiritual warfare really make a difference? - How are we to await the end of the age? In a fascinating, compelling exploration of Scripture, Derek Prince addresses these and other questions. Focusing on the critical events that took place before the creation of Adam, he also describes Jesus' stunning victory over Satan." victory over satan