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Appointment in Jerusalem- Revised Edition with Photographs - Soft cover
Appointment in Jerusalem- Revised Edition with Photographs - Soft cover The remarkable account of Lydia Prince a Danish school teacher who had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit, became the wife of Derek Prince and the mother of nine adopted daughters. In an epilogue Derek Prince makes some startling predictions about Jerusalem. jerusalem
Appointment in Jerusalem  New Revised Edition - Hardback
Appointment in Jerusalem New Revised Edition - Hardback Appointment in Jerusalem is a true story of faith, love, and the miraculous power of prayer. A riveting story that captures your heart from the first page! This is the compelling story of a woman who took her place as a watchman on the walls, praying day and night for the outworking of God's plan for his chosen people. In the process Lydia Prince rescued scores of abandoned Jewish and Arab children from disease and death amid the violent birth pangs of the modern state of Israel. jerusalem
Authority and Power of God's Word
Authority and Power of God's Word Both the Bible and Jesus Christ are identified as the Word of God. The Bible is God's written Word; Jesus is God's personal Word. Our relationship to the one determines our relationship to the other. When considering the word authority, we need to recognize that its root word is author. Only the author can vouch for the authority of his writing. So too, must we consult with the Author, the Holy Spirit, if we wish to know: The attitude of Jesus to the Old Testament; How Jesus endorsed the authority of Scripture; God's Word as a two-edged sword; Eight effects of God's Word. authority holy spirit power
Derek Prince Biography - Hard Cover
Derek Prince Biography - Hard Cover "Not just another famous preacher's story! Derek Prince was more than just one of the best-known Bible teachers of the twentieth centry. He became one of the fathers of the largest Christian movement of all time. In more than six decades of ministry, Prince touched millions who had heard a tape, read a book, or saw him in person at any of a thousand meetings around the world.Derek Prince - a Biography is as gritty a book as you will ever read about a religious figure. You will be inspired to practice the lessons God had pressed into Prince's life: the discipline of fasting, the power of Scripture, the necessity of thanksgiving, the impact of prayer, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.""People who know Derek's story will be delightfully surprised, and people who don't know Derek are going to find an inspiring, honest story about hunger for God."" says Mansfield, who was with Prince days before he died in September 2003." biography
Blessing or Curse: You can Choose
Blessing or Curse: You can Choose Are you continually frustrated by sickness, financial pressure, strained relationships or other struggles that just won't go away? In Blessing or Curse, Derek Prince draws on real-life experiences of people who were astonished to discover that they were not the victims of blind chance or heredity, but a generational curse. Learn that a curse is not a superstition from the DarkAges — but a very real force from which you can find freedom. blessing curse
Bought with the Blood
Bought with the Blood "At the cross Christ endured all evil due you and in turn made available to you all the good due Him. In this provocative, Scripture-rich book, Derek Prince explores the nine “divine exchanges” of the atonement. Prince gives biblical grounding for five areas of deliverance that Jesus makes available through the cross: deliverance from this present evil age, from the law, from self, from the flesh and from the world. Because it is not enough simply to know about the atonement, Prince presents the means by which you can make it true in your personal experience: repentance, faith and a relationship with the Holy Spirit. This new edition of a life-changing book includes a mini-study course at the end of each chapter, perfect for individual or small group study." divine exchanges faith holy spirit repentance the cross
Burial by Baptism
Burial by Baptism "A Scriptural Analysis of Christian Baptism: - Baptism in water directly associated with salvation - Should Baptism be in the name of Jesus only? - Nine implications of this teaching presented and analysed - How doctrine must be established - Should you be ""re-baptised""? - The vital issue: burial and resurrection." baptism burial by baptism
Divine Exchange
Divine Exchange "Learn how you can appropriate the Divine Exchange in your own life. The entire message of the Gospel hinges on a single historical event: the sacrificial death of Jesus on a Roman execution stake. Learn how this sacrifice provides so much more than simply an escape from Hell — but the supply of all your needs in life."
Does Your Tongue Need Healing
Does Your Tongue Need Healing The Bible tells us "life and death are in the power of the tongue." What we say — and how we say it — does matter. Learn how to control your tongue and use it to bless others. power of the tongue
Empowered for Life
Empowered for Life "EMPOWERED FOR LIFE IS THE SAME BOOK AS RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Prepare for your role in the Spiritual Battle! With superb biblical exposition and practical application, Derek Prince offers the guidance you need to take your place in this monumental conflict. As you build the character of a warrior, you will become more and more like Jesus Christ, your commanding officer. You will gain confidence and learn what you need to know to endure to the end." spiritual battle
Entering the Presence of God
Entering the Presence of God "Derek Prince shows the way to victorious intimacy with God. He explains how you can enter into the very presence of God to receive the spiritual, physical, and emotional blessings of true worship. Learn the secrets of: Entering His Rest; Fellowshipping with God; Revelation from God; What to do while praying; God's way to greatness; Spiritual warfare. Derek also shows how to be freed from the bondage of guilt and sin and obtain an inner peace and joy that nothing else can duplicate. Don't miss out of the thrill of worship... God's way!" initimacy with god
Expelling Demons
Expelling Demons We hear very little today about the casting out of demons, but Jesus Himself said "those who believe" would do it. It's time for the church to overcome the "spooky" extremes and devote prayerful, open-minded study to the subject of demonology. casting out of demons demonology