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Testing Do you sometimes feel as if you are going through the furnace? None of us are exempt form difficult experiences in life. Some of those difficulties come because we live in a fallen world and we face an enemy who seeks to rob and destroy. On other occasions we suffer the consequences of wrong choices we have made. Then there are other times when God puts us through a test. In this booklet, Derek Prince focuses on the last two kinds of situations. Discover the difference between God’s testing and God's chastening. Learning how to distinguish between these two will help us know how to respond to each in the right way. The author gives many scriptural examples and solid principles to build on. And you may be surprised at what he considers the hardest test of all. testing
Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship
Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship By thanksgiving we acknowledge God's goodness, by praise we acknowledge God's greatness, by worship we acknowledge God's holiness. Many people believe that prayer is simply asking God for things. This is a limited and inadequate view. Prayer is not just one musical instrument; it is the whole orchestra! This book deals with three prayer instruments - thanksgiving, praise and worship. Derek Prince writes that God has laid down certain conditions to approach Him. He shows these conditions are not theoretical but are principles which will revolutionise prayer life. All three types of prayer are necessary as each relates to a different aspect of God's character. praise praise and worship thanksgiving worship
The Three Most Powerful Words
The Three Most Powerful Words Discover the freedom of releasing the ones who hurt us. Forgiveness centers in the cross vertically from God to man, horizontally toward our fellow-man. The Bible is very clear that our failure to forgive others is wickedness, allows the enemy legal access into our lives and can even provoke God’s anger. But when we walk in forgiveness toward those who wrong us we empower our prayers, tear down the hindrance to healing and open up the pathway of God’s blessing in our lives. Experience the lifting of a burden when you tear up the IOUs you're holding from the people who have hurt and disappointed you and say, I forgive you!? forgiveness the three most powerful words
They Shall Expel Demons
They Shall Expel Demons In this readable, biblically based book, Derek Prince answers many vital questions. If you are struggling with problems that never seem to go away, has it ever occurred to you that demons may be at work? Or perhaps you want to help others with such problems. Jesus never sent anyone out to preach the Gospel without specifically instructing and equipping them to take action against demons in the same way that He Himself did. If this is not true today, who has changed? Jesus? The demons? Or the Church? If you — or someone you know — are struggling with problems that never seem to completely go away, consider the possibility that demons may be at work. In this practical, comprehensive handbook, learn how to receive and minister deliverance — and the keys to remaining free. deliverance demons
The Bible says that David — despite his glaring humanness — was a man after God's own heart. In this insightful devotional, Derek Prince teaches from David's psalms on pressing in closer to God. D
The Bible says that David — despite his glaring humanness — was a man after God's own heart. In this insightful devotional, Derek Prince teaches from David's psalms on pressing in closer to God. D Derek Prince reveals how God designed us to transmit, commission, and give authority to other believers through the laying on of hands. Can the Power of God actually flow through a person's hands? The most foundational of Christian doctrines, the laying on of hands can be found throughout the Bible. Transmitting God's power in is this way is an essential element for equipping God's people. laying on of hands
Who cares for Widows, Orphans, the Poor and Oppressed
Who cares for Widows, Orphans, the Poor and Oppressed James calls it "pure and undefiled religion" but care for the needy is identified as one of God's highest priorities throughout the entire Bible. Take a fresh look at an issue that goes much deeper than simply social concern. Examine the standard by which God has measured His people's righteousness through the age’s - their practical concern for orphans, widows, the poor and oppressed. orphans poor and oppressed widows
Sound Judgement
Sound Judgement "SOUND JUDGEMENT IS THE SAME BOOK AS JUDGING: WHEN? WHY? HOW? Some passages of Scripture say, ""Judge,"" while others say,” Don’t judge."" Most Christians aren't sure that they should judge anything. Others feel responsible to raise a moral standard, but don't know how much authority they have. In this incisive new book, Derek Prince cuts through the apparent conflict. Judging is a much misunderstood issue. Yet, without understanding judging we will struggle to walk righteously before God. " judging
War in Heaven
War in Heaven "A cosmic view of God's plan – from start to finish! The Bible reveals that when God laid the foundations of the earth, the angels were watching. One of those angels would become the central figure in a rebellion to wrest God of His magnificent creation. Thus began a conflict of epic proportions that leaves today's believer with many questions: - Why did God allow evil in the first place? - If evil was defeated at the cross, why does it continue to exist? - Does spiritual warfare really make a difference? - How are we to await the end of the age? In a fascinating, compelling exploration of Scripture, Derek Prince addresses these and other questions. Focusing on the critical events that took place before the creation of Adam, he also describes Jesus' stunning victory over Satan." victory over satan
Rediscovering God's Church
Rediscovering God's Church How can you fulfill your calling for the 21st century? Where's your place in the church? Internationally renowned Bible teacher, Derek Prince, answers these question and many others as he describes God's original blueprint for the church. The church is God's family - a place of love, acceptance, joy, learning and purpose; a refuge from the stresses of the world; and an oasis where you are strengthened in your walk with the Lord. Be infused with a new sense of power and expectation as you learn what it means to be a vital member of the body of Christ. Help fulfill God's vision for the church by becoming a dynamic ambassador for His message to a lost world. blueprint for the church
Roman Pilgrimage - Study Guide
Roman Pilgrimage - Study Guide Study your way through the book of Romans verse by verse. This study guide goes hand in hand with Roman Pilgrimage and Romans Completed study series, now available on CD and DVD. There are 20 parts to the full series, each averaging 56 minutes. In this book each 2 page spread includes Derek’s notes and space to write your own as you listen to the teaching. Chapters 1-8 cover the ten stages of a spiritual pilgrimage. Destination: a Spirit-empowered life of unbroken union with Christ. Chapter 9-11 focus on the destiny of Israel. Without an understanding of these chapters, the revelation of the gospel is incomplete. For too long God’s people have been denied the precious truths which they contain. Yet, without them, the Church can never fully understand her own destiny. Chapters 12-16 cover down-to-earth truths on how to live out what you believe. The Roman Pilgrimage is a great study journey for individual and small groups. book of romans
Shaping History Through Prayer & Fasting.
Shaping History Through Prayer & Fasting. You can make a difference in these volatile times. In Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting, you will discover the simple, yet powerful, tools you need to have an impact on the destinies of nations. Derek relates personal incidents where prayer was answered during WW2 in N. Africa and as principal of the teachers training college in Kenya that changed the history of that nation at the time. Learn how you too can implement change - in your family, church, locale, country, and the world through these two powerful weapons - Prayer and Fasting. prayer and fasting
Surviving the Last Days
Surviving the Last Days In this powerful booklet, you will learn about the great, basic problem humanity faces, the essential key to approaching the last days, and Jesus' role in the end of the age. As you embrace these truths, you will discover how to face the last days without fear. end times