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Who cares for Widows, Orphans, the Poor and Oppressed
Who cares for Widows, Orphans, the Poor and Oppressed James calls it "pure and undefiled religion" but care for the needy is identified as one of God's highest priorities throughout the entire Bible. Take a fresh look at an issue that goes much deeper than simply social concern. Examine the standard by which God has measured His people's righteousness through the age’s - their practical concern for orphans, widows, the poor and oppressed. orphans poor and oppressed widows
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Who is the Holy Spirit? Derek Prince describes the Holy Spirit as ‘the least understood Person in the Bible.’ But then he goes on to describe the Spirit in a way that makes Him understandable. This book will draw you into a closer and more intimate relationship with that mysterious, yet wonderful, Person - the Holy Spirit. holy spirit
You Matter to God
You Matter to God Do you realise how valuable you are? We live in an age in which it is easy to miss our destiny. Too often we measure ourselves against the standards of our time, sometimes without even realising it. If only we could comprehend how much we matter to God, we could look at the world around us - and at eternity itself - with utterly new vision. Diving into beautiful Scripture passages, beloved Bible teacher Derek Prince offers God's own perception of humanity. Learn about your tripartite nature of spirit, soul and body; the amazing changes you will experience at the Lord's return. With depth, insight and tenderness, Derek will open your eyes to one of the greatest truths of all time: You are priceless to our Lord. Be set free from guilt, insecurity, fear and shame. Grasp your special place in all of God's created world. When you do, you will see your worth through the eyes of the One who has given everything for you. fear guilt insecurity shame