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DPM South Africa is responsible for all the countries south of Zambia and including Madagascar. There are many challenges facing us to reach these desperate nations. Zimbabwe is in a crises facing starvation due to the political situation. They have not been allowed to plant crops this last season and the farmers have all been told to leave their farms. To add to this is the AIDS crisis, which will affect most countries. Many orphanages and homes for AIDS babies have been opening all over the country to cope with the crises. Lawlessness is the order of the day. Highjacking and the high crime rate, unfavourable exchange rates, increasing cost of living adds to the uncertainty of the times we are living in. One realizes that we are definitely in the end times. This has in fact created the very favourable climate spiritually as people are questioning the foundations that they have been building their lives on and as a result are looking for solid Bible teaching material. Many are now taking their commitment seriously. 

A lady in Pretoria has been ministering for 8 years to a group of approx 60 Angolan (Portuguese) people who have been sent down to S.A. for medical treatment by the Angolan Government for 2 months to 2 years. The embassy has a house very close the DPM. I 'co-incidentally' heard this lady last week giving thanks in a testimony on Radio Impact during a live service broadcast how the Lord had delivered them from a very serious car accident. I contacted the lady and she was delighted to know we had Portuguese material available. She had been teaching them English with the view to teach them the E.E. course. But now they can also get further teaching in Portuguese, which they can understand. This same lady had been into Mozambique 2 years ago and a church was started there. Some of the Portuguese material will be sent to him and another will be going to Angola to leaders, which were previously reached while in S.A.

Material was supplied to a pastor in Botswana. We have a couple Ruth and David Gould who have offered to oversee the translation of the SSBC into Tswana. This will be for Botswana and the NW of S.A. 

We are in contact with Dries and Valarie who do an excellent work in Mahajanga. They are very keen to see Derek's books made available to the Malagasy. This seems to be the area that the Holy Spirit is concentrating at the moment. The country is in extreme poverty. We also work with Pierre Wuytack who is currently in Madagascar. Pierre took over where the late Walter Cox left off. He works among women prisoners. 

Malawi is also facing starvation and is in a desperate situation. As well as the AIDS crises. We are involved on Radio ABC in Malawi. There have been many requests for the SSBC in Chichewa. It has already been translated by Trevor McKriel and is being proofread in South Africa ready for printing. 

Five Dutch Reformed dominee's were supplied with Portuguese material which we received from Tim and Caprice Bekker in Portugal. We also supplied three videos which they requested Exchange at the Cross, How to be Delivered and Breaking Generational Curses. These have been a real blessing to these pastors who have not had this teaching in their 7 year training.

We are supplying a number of bookshops in Namibia as well as orders can be sent up to Namibia easier than other countries. A Dutch Reformed pastor and his congregation have worked through the SSBC and have requested that we do the Foundation Series as well. Most people in Namibia were educated in Afrikaans and German. We are still involved with a Christian Radio station in Namibia.

South Afica
In June we sent 34 Graduate Gift Packs to a Bible College in Ladysmith, Kwa Zulu Natal. These will be used in the rural areas in the midlands of Kwa Zulu Natal. 

We supply a bookshop in Swaziland with material. We have also sent a limited quantity of material there, as postage is very high. We are broadcasting daily on a station in Swaziland.

We sent material with a lady who teaches at a Bible School who has placed them in their library. The Bible School was threatened with closer as the funds were low but the students said they would rather go hungry than stop their studies. A request was sent to S.A. and a generous donation of food from local churches was received and sent up by truck to Zimbabwe. Pastor Theunis Botha (a pastor who has been released by Hatfield Christian Church to plant a church's in an unreached group KoreKore people in Zimbabwe) took a YWAM team from Texas (America) on an outreach to Zimbabwe during January this year. We were able to send up a quantity of Derek's material with the team.

Here is there testimony: They were in Zimbabwe for 13 days and the report back on the outreach was one filled with the goodness and love of God's heart for un-reached people.

There was one YWAM girl from USA in the team who was ministered to, and the Lord set her free from past hurts. She received Father God's love and the change was even seen in her artwork.

 The outreach in the rural area was conducted with local pastors, and although the situation in Zimbabwe was tense the team were warmly greeted and made to feel at home. The team ministered to local people when they visited an old age home and an orphanage. While they were ministering to others they were filled with a new revelation of the Holy Spirit and what it means to 'soak' in the Spirit. They also experienced the love of God in a new and exciting way.

 Theunis preached words of encouragement and love to the people and after laying hands on others and praying for restoration, God's presence was powerfully felt throughout the trip. As a team they were exposed to the people in Africa and shown God's heart for the nations, and in turn received more compassion for other cultures.

 The YWAM team leaders were very positive and more teams from their base can be expected. God has really opened the door and now we just have to walk through it.

The farm owners on whose farm they were staying were in the process of being evicted. The team ministered to the war veterans with the Father's love even with washing their feet. A couple of the war veterans accepted the Lord and were baptized. Although they were evicted off the farm they are trusting that the seed sown will bare much fruit.

We will be sending 160 Graduate Gift Packs to Harvest International Bible School in Bulawayo Zimbabwe in December. 

We supplied prisoners with the SSBC in Bembe. We have also referred them to David Salisbury in Kabwe for material. We do get requests from Zambia and supply teams going up to minister in Zambia. We supplied 30 Bembe SSBC to an unreached people group in the east side of Zambia with a South African working in the area. We sent 21 Foundation Series books up to Kaniki Bible School for their graduates on request from DPMI who funded the material.

 Derek Prince on God Channel Africa
We thank all those including the Prayer Support Group worldwide who has been praying regarding the T.V. broadcasts in Africa. A very exciting development has taken place regarding the T.V. broadcasts in South Africa and Africa. In 1995 a young South African couple Rory and Wendy Alec launched Christian Channel Europe which covers 22 nations and reaches 30 million homes. From 2 hours of broadcasting to 24 hour broadcasts. Then on Sky with a 2 hour live broadcast from Jerusalem. 2002 they moved the broadcast and uplink facilities of God T.V. to Jerusalem. 'God Channel or God T.V.' Subsequently was brought back to S.A. for broadcasting from Cape Town up into Africa. They also reach as far across as India. Broadcasting on 'God Channel' Africa:

  • Mondays Revival Channel 18.00
  • Tuesdays Revival Channel 01.00
  • Wednesdays God Channel 20.30

God Channel is Free-to-air on ±100,000 C-Band decoders in Africa, on 630,000 MultiChoice decoders, and 30,000 VIVID decoders in Southern Africa. We are also on a terrestrial transmitter in Eldoret, in western Kenya, and are in the process of engaging another transmitter in Kampala Uganda. www.god.tv 

We were able to send in books and videos to the Pretoria Central Prison through one of our supporters who works for Correctional Services at the prison.' He has been asked to speak to the prisoners on a Saturday on a regular basis.

 Radio Stations
We currently broadcast on 14 radio stations in 5 countries in Southern Africa.
Internet 24 hour radio broadcasts since 1995 www.impact-radio.co.za. Derek can be heard at 5:45am Mon-Friday and 6:45am and 8:30pm Sundays.

The "Think about This" Extreme messages for Young Adults is also broadcast on satellite and Internet on TWR and Impact Radio.

We broadcast on two Satellite stations:

Impact will also be launching a satellite link in February, which will reach as far as the equator. www.impact-radio.co.za 

Trans World Radio satellite, which reaches up as far as West Africa and has even been heard as far as the United Arab Emirates.


DPMSA Outreach
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