The DPM office in New Zealand is overseeing much of the work now underway in the Asia/Pacific region. This report from our Director, Warren Smith, centers in the country of Myanmar (Burma). The nation is predominately Buddhist, so there are many who need to hear of the good news of the kingdom of God. Warren says:

With a population of 50 million and just 9% Christian, coupled with pastors and Christian leaders who are mostly unable to afford to purchase Christian books at all, Jacob [the DPM–Myanmar director] has a huge task in front of him.

Undaunted, Jacob presses on to reach and teach those in need – with books, CDs and DVDs of Derek’s that have been translated into Burmese, as well as leading seminars based on Derek’s teaching. One goal is to print an additional 26,000 books in the next year. (Please click here to read the rest of the report.)

You can see that we must depend on the generous contributions of friends like you who yearn to see, as we do, the Gospel of the Kingdom proclaimed to all the nations (see Matthew 24:14). God bless you as you give and pray for this outreach.

Derek Prince Ministries


China Outreach

Derek Prince (known in Chinese 'Ye Guang-Ming') has become a well known and highly respected Bible teacher throughout China.



The outreach of DPM into China began in 1984. Ross Paterson, a fluent Mandarin speaker who had worked in Taiwan for ten years, believed God told him to “take Derek Prince’s teaching to China”. Ross approached Derek, who readily gave his permission and his blessing. So the China outreach was born. Today the office is based in Singapore.


Radio Broadcasting

Ross, then living in the UK, negotiated with the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Hong Kong to broadcast a daily fifteen-minute Mandarin radio programme into China. The English radio programme 'Today with Derek Prince' was translated into Chinese and given the title 'Living Sacrifice'. To make the teaching more acceptable to the Chinese (then still highly suspicious of foreigners) Derek was given the name Ye Guang-Ming, meaning Clear Light. 'Living Sacrifice' was also translated into Cantonese and other Chinese minority languages. The programme ran for two years, and became so popular in China that the radio listeners requested more. A four-year programme (edited from Derek’s audiocassette teachings) called The Workman God Approves followed.

DPM China has now been broadcasting Derek’s teaching into China for over fifteen years. Both 'Living Sacrifice' and 'The Workman God Approves' have been completely re-edited and broadcast a second time. In addition, the whole of the 'Foundation Series' was edited into fifty-two        half-hour Chinese radio programmes. Since this broadcast commenced, the pattern of five, fifteen minute programmes a week has changed to two, half-hour programmes a week. Material from this last series was also recorded on to audio cassettes for use by us and other ministries to train pastors in China. A new radio series called 'The Way of Holiness', based on DPM material that has never been used in Chinese before, is now being broadcast into Cina. 

The broadcasting of Derek’s teaching into China has been, and still is, a valuable and effective means for reaching many thousands of people. Through radio we have sent countless ‘messages’ over the ‘Bamboo Curtain’ and, on hearing them, many have found salvation or a closer walk with the Lord. Radio broadcasting continues to be an effective means for reaching a country where Christians still face much opposition to the spread of the Gospel.

Chinese Books


There is a severe shortage of Bible teaching materials in China. As Communism took hold, especially during the Cultural Revolution, most Bibles and Christian books inside China were either confiscated or burnt, and all Christian publishing houses closed. Today, even though the publication of Christian literature in China has resumed, the government still imposes strict controls. Many of the letters sent to FEBC plead for Christian books.

DPM China responded to this great need almost twenty years ago by starting to translate Derek’s books into Chinese. Derek Prince (i.e.Ye Guang-Ming) has become a well known and highly respected Bible teacher through the radio broadcasts. Now his books are also in great demand. Many of his books have been printed and distributed all over China. They are printed in a small format, with plain covers (to make them less conspicuous) and have no overseas addresses on them that might endanger the Chinese reader.

A major project was launched in 1995 to print and distribute one million copies of the Foundation Series in Chinese by the year 2000. With God’s help, we reached that goal in late 1999. By the end of 2006, we have printed about five million copies of other Derek Prince titles. Thus, the total of all books is approximately six million copies. Initially the books were printed in Hong Kong but now most books are printed inside China. They are then given away to any Chinese believer who needs them. One of our team said, “A teaching book is like a missionary in China; it goes from person to person to person, teaching the Word of God. It is never thrown away – unless the security police get hold of it!” Some of the books are moved within China by a large army of couriers, affectionately known as ‘donkeys’. Since 1999, teams from overseas have travelled to many different parts of China to deliver books. These books were then distributed to members of the house churches.


Audio - Visual

In 2003 we, at DPM China, discovered that not only was China experiencing a boom in the computer industry with moreand more Chinese owning of computers, but Chinese Christians in house churches were also gaining increased access to computers. We began converting Ye Guang Ming's (Derek Prince's Chinese name) radio broadcasts into electronic format. In early 2005 we purchased a CD duplicator and in 2006 set up a CD factory in China. By end of 2006 we had copied and distributed over 700,000 audio/video CDs of Derek's teaching.


The Internet

As well as our own site ( we also run a sister site in the Chinese language ( This is not a mirror of the English site but contains helpful materials for the Chinese speaker.  These include on-line books and radio programmes, which have proved very useful to visitors by viewing the section "Cyberspace"


Looking Forward

China, with its population of more than one billion, is a huge mission field. Its fast growing church and its increasing openness to the outside world (for good or for bad) presents one of the greatest spiritual battles of our day. In the face of this huge challenge, DPM will work increasingly to help meet that need.


We are in need of funding for the following outreach proposals:

DPMSA is responsible to bring the teachings and other resources of Derek Prince to at least thirteen countries in Southern Africa. Your valuable support makes it possible for us to reach out and bring sound teaching, restoration, healing and deliverance to thousands of spiritually needy people in Africa and around the world. If you would like to be a part of this outreach we will be so grateful.

Your Support Does Make a Difference!

We need donations to fund the following:


  • “Where most needed” Fund (WMN)
  • Graduate Gift Pack Fund (GGP)
  • Impact Radio Fund (IRF)
  • Madagascar Fund
  • Translation Fund
  • Xhosa Translation Fund
  • DPM Memorial Fund
  • South African Outreach Fund
  • Bible College Library Packs Fund (BCLP)
  • Pastor Packs Fund
  • Pakistan Fund
  • Global Africa Fund (GAF)
  • Africa Fund
  • Caucasus Fund
  • China Fund
  • Russia Fund
  • Eastern Europe Fund
  • India Fund
  • Israel Fund
  • Middle East Fund
  • Seed Fund




Your gifts of support for Derek Prince Ministries make it possible to keep the unique teaching of Derek Prince coming to you, your neighbors and countless others around the world. If you can be a part of all of the equipping restoration, deliverance, and healing by sharing a gift, we would be so very grateful.

Did you know...

That Derek Prince Ministries International carries out active ministry training, equipping and resourcing efforts on five continents—in some of the remotest and most spiritually hungry corners of the world?
Your Support Does Make a Difference

Please contact us if you would like to make a donation or go to our Online Store.

Former Soviet Union

From Ukraine to Siberia, Belarus to Kazakhstan, Georgia to Tajikistan, Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching, freely available in several languages, is helping thousands of Christians to grow strong in their faith.

Making much needed Bible teaching available to church leaders and believers in Russian, Ukrainian, Tajik and other languages is not a new idea. In fact, Derek Prince Ministries, working through local outreach partners, has resourced Christians in this region since 1986. And in over two decades we have seen some remarkable transformations take place in the lives of individuals and communities.

Here are just a few examples of how Derek’s teaching is changing the lives of new believers, congregations and prisoners in Russia, Belarus and elsewhere:


Sergey: Making a fresh start
Sergey, 19, lived in agony battling with alcohol addictions. He spent his days begging on a busy street corner in Moscow. Local Christians brought him in from the cold, loved him and prayed for him. They told him about Jesus’ saving love and offered him a copy of Derek’s book Faith to Live By. A few months later Sergey is a different man. He has invited Jesus into his life.


Mariana: God is doing far more than we ever dreamt of for our church
Mariana and her husband lead a church in Hrodno, Belarus. They felt tired and discouraged—despite all their hard work the church was not growing. One day they got hold of a Russian copy of Foundation Series by Derek Prince. God began to do something amazing in this church—Derek’s teaching inspired the congregation to dig deeper into the Word and attract new people who want to discover more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Vlad: Hope and freedom for prisoners
In Yekatirinburg, Russia, pastor Vlad was meeting with a group of 20 prisoners. After a few minutes, Vlad asked the men if the Self-Study Bible Course has made any difference to them. One after another, prisoners stand up and tell their stories. “I was desperate and had lost all hope. Now look at me,” said one of them. “I feel free inside. I have repented of my sins. I have learnt to take responsibility for my life, thanks to the Bible teaching you have given us.”


ladyEvery day I praise God for giving us countless opportunities to make Derek Prince’s teaching available to pastors, evangelists and believers in the former Soviet republics. Also, I thank Him for providing generous friends like you, who make possible the production of such valuable Bible teaching that inspire hundreds of thousands of Christians to bear fruit every day.

As you read this letter, I hope you will consider making a special gift to our DPM outreach in the former Soviet republics. Your donation can help provide much needed Bible teaching to the church leaders and congregations we serve.

Last year alone, we distributed over 180,000 books, over 30,000 CDs and DVDs—enabling spiritual growth and increased outreaches and ministry across the region.

Your support today is critical to our continued success. Right now we are seeking to reprint 40,000 copies of Derek Prince books including They Shall Expel Demons, Appointment in Jerusalem, Prophetic Guide to the End Times, Atonement, and others.

We know from past experience that these books are a lifeline to believers in this region, so we want to reprint and distribute them as quickly as we can.

What’s more, we are seeking to compile two new books containing collections of Derek’s teaching on: “Hearing God’s Voice” and “How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit.” Bible teaching on such foundational topics will make a world of difference to Christian leaders and to hundreds of participants in our popular Correspondence Bible school.

But the only way we can aid the spiritual growth of Christians in the former Soviet republics is with your help.

There has never been a greater need for solid Bible teaching in this part of the world. Christians are reaching out with the Good News of Jesus to drug and alcohol addicts, to prisoners, to the poor and marginalized. Many churches are growing rapidly. Some governments in this region are tightening up their controls on churches.

At this crucial time, I hope that we can count on you to help us offer Derek Prince’s life-changing Bible teaching to Christians in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and elsewhere. Your generous gift of £20, £30, £60 or whatever you can share can go a long way towards bringing new life to individuals and churches.

giveyTo give, please click the button to the right.

On behalf of Christians and church leaders in the former Soviet republics, thank you.

Yours in Christ’s service,



Paul Mertke
Director, Russia Outreach



International Outreach

Middle East Outreach

Our Middle East outreach is co-ordinated from the UK office which involves oversight of DPM’s work throughout North Africa and the Middle East. We have produced and are seeking to develop material in a number of different languages in the region. Our strategy includes both the production of material within the target nations, as well as printing literature in the West to make available to immigrant communities.

Over the past year we have seen a great increase in the demand for our materials in this region, particularly in the Arabic language. We are excited by the new opportunities that are presenting themselves and look forward to continued expansion in the near future.

Derek Prince materials are available or being translated into the following languages:-


We have 9 books available in this language and we are about to reprint 3 more titles in Ethiopia. In the last few years, DPM has also been supporting around 30 disadvantaged children, paying for their education and basic needs.


At the end of 2003, we reprinted 10 titles, totalling 75,000 books in Egypt. A significant amount of this material was distributed during 2004, and plans for another large reprint are well advanced. The books are being sent to countries such as Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and many more.

We are continuing to make material available via audio, video, VCD, CD Rom and the internet. We are exploring new opportunities for television broadcasting via satellite.


In addition to the 5 existing Farsi titles, our translators in Iran have just completed 4 new books. Because books printed inside Iran cannot be sent outside the country, we will shortly be printing many of these titles in Europe, for distribution among Iranian communities in the West.


As part of our outreach to Iraq and Kurdish speakers, we have translated 2 books into Kurdish Sorani. These will soon be printed in Northern Iraq.


We have 6 book titles in the Turkish language and these have been available for several years.

We have a new website for North Africa and the Middle East at


Since 1999 Ps. Jacob has been organising the translation, printing and distribution of Derek’s books in Burmese, the majority language of this country. In this short space of time, 25 of Derek’s books have been translated and printed. Most of the Pastors in Myanmar are very poor and unable to afford to purchase books, even when books are available. During 2006 we distributed over 17,000 copies of Derek’s books and out of these, over 6,000 books were given to Pastors and leaders at conferences and seminars. We also saw dramatic growth in our distribution of Derek’s books in 2006 and the teaching contained in them is helping to shape the spiritual lives of Pastors and believers all over Myanmar. A number of Pastors now use the teaching in them as the basis for their Sunday sermons. Most Pastors and leaders in Myanmar are very poor and would not normally be able to afford to buy books, so these free books have been a great blessing to them. One Pastor from a remote area said that Derek’s books are like an ‘Oasis in the Desert’. We are greatly excited and encouraged to see the hunger many have to read Derek’s books regardless of denomination and we have regular customers from all Christian denominations. The Graduate Gift Pack Programme was introduced in 2005; graduates have no other resources. There are 150 Bible Schools in the city, with a total of 200 in the nation. Since 2005, 2,000 graduate gift packs have been given each year to graduates. About 4,500 students are being trained at present.
Indonesia Outreach  Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world with a population of 242 million, and it is the desire of our hearts to see God’s transforming Word go out to as many people as possible to bring understanding about eternal life, and also to bring more revelation and maturity to the Body of Christ. 33 of Derek’s book have now been translated and published in the Bahasa language, with over 126,000 copies printed. This year we began recording Derek’s radio programme into Bahasa, with Billy Tanasale as Derek’s ‘voice’ in Bahasa. To date we have 25 recorded KTSL programmes. Six radio stations in Indonesia are currently broadcasting Derek’s Bahasa programme (two new radio stations are now broadcasting the programme - one is located at Bandung (the capital of West Java and a large Muslim city) and the other at Maluku in the north). We would like to see 10 radio stations broadcasting these programmes this year. We also plan to place Derek’s radio programmes onto CD, and in 2008 we will have 50 KTSL CDs for marketing.
Malaysia Outreach  Since the office was formed in 2002, we have sold over 31,000 books and distributed over 3,000 free of charge to Pastors and Christian leaders all over Malaysia. Our purpose is to assist these leaders in achieving a better insight into the Word of God through Derek’s practical and simple teaching. We are very encouraged to see some visible fruit from this book distribution. Along with free books, CDs and Teaching Letters are being sent to rural areas and we are having a good response from these direct mailings with encouraging testimonies received. We are also printing 1,000 copies of Foundations for Life in the Bahasa language which Director, Liman Wong, will take to Pastors in East Malaysia. We also have a real desire to reach out to prisoners in this nation and we are distributing free copies of our Proclamation Cards and one book per prisoner, such as Extravagant Love and Complete Salvation. Our Proclamation Cards remain popular and Divine Exchange is often used during communion. They are also used as evangelistic and language tools.
India Outreach  We have now had over 10 years of translating, publishing and distributing Derek’s books to hundreds of thousands of needy Pastors, leaders, believers and Bible College Graduates in India. Since 1997 our DPM-India Office in Trichy and distributor in Delhi have printed over 800,000 English books, and 1.2 million books in 10 different Indian languages. One of our most significant ministries since 2002 has been to supply over 48,000 Bible College Graduates with a gift pack of Derek’s books at their graduation services. During 2007 we provided over 8,500 Bible College graduates, missionaries and evangelists with gift packs of Derek’s books in their own language. This ‘feast of Bible teaching’ will equip them so the can go out amongst their own people and bring them the Word of God. We are now supplying free copies of Derek’s major teachings on DVD to Bible Colleges, Seminaries, Universities and Pastors. Last year we supplied 100 colleges with up to 60 different Derek Prince teachings in English on either DVD or VCD. Around 18,000 students benefited from this project. With about 60 DVD messages it means that Derek could be teaching in Bible schools in India every week day for almost three months.
Pakistan Outreach  Since 1997 Pakistan Directors, James and Elizabeth, have been faithfully building the Body of Christ in their nation with Derek’s books. In the last eight years DPM has become the second largest Christian publisher in Pakistan, with Derek’s books well-known and read by thousands. 29 DP books have been translated and printed in the national language of Urdu and given freely to over 1,000 Pastors on the DPM-Pakistan mailing list. These Pastors also receive The Teaching Letters of Derek Prince every two months. These publications are vital for equipping local leaders with the necessary material in order to teach and equip the Body of Christ in this Muslim nation.
Nepal Outreach Just over 10 years ago, DPM Director Ps. Gopaljee Adhikari, began translating, printing and distributing Derek’s books in Nepali. Since then, thousands of Pastors and leaders all across Nepal have received free copies of 51 of Derek’s books and regularly use his teaching in their church services. In total, over 300,000 of Derek’s books in Nepali have been either given away or sold at nominal prices to many Nepali believers who now live and work in Nepal, India, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea. The name Derek Prince is now known by every Christian in Nepal and his life-changing books have become spiritual manuals for many believers.


The outreach of DPM into China began in 1984. Ross Paterson, a fluent Mandarin speaker who had worked in Taiwan for 10 years, believed God told him to “take Derek Prince’s teaching to China”. Ross approached Derek, who readily gave his permission and his blessing. Today the office is based in Singapore.

Ross negotiated with the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Hong Kong to broadcast a daily 15-minute Mandarin radio programme into China. The English radio programme "Today with Derek Prince" was translated into Chinese and given the title "Living Sacrifice". To make the teaching more acceptable to the Chinese (then still highly suspicious of foreigners) Derek was given the name Ye Guang-Ming, meaning Clear Light. Living Sacrifice was also translated into Cantonese and other Chinese minority languages. The programme ran for two years, and became so popular in China that the radio listeners requested more. A four-year programme (edited from Derek’s audiocassette teachings) called "The Workman God Approves" followed. Mongolian radio broadcasts commenced in 1987 based on the translated Foundation Series text. Other materials have also been used since then such as “Today with Derek Prince”. DPM-China has now been broadcasting Derek’s teaching into China for over twenty years and the programmes are also available on their website.

A major project was launched in 1995 to print and distribute one million copies of the "Foundation Series" in Chinese by the year 2000. With God’s help, that goal was reached in late 1999. By the end of 2005, about 4.5 million copies of other Derek Prince titles were printed. During 2007 the main focus was on the “Focus on Foundations” pack, which included Foundation Series, Self-Study Bible Course and Faith to Live By. By the end of October 2007 around 470,000 copies of the pack were printed and distributed to various Chinese church networks.

In addition to requesting books, Chinese believers and pastors are also asking for audio teachings and are downloading Bible study materials from our Chinese website. The site, also gets about 1,000 hits every day from Chinese believers and seekers who visit the website to download Derek’s Bible teaching messages in MP3 audio.

Responding to requests for Derek’s teaching on CD and VCD, 50,000 audio and video CDs are produced each month and they hope to produce Derek’s teaching on DVD very soon.


The outreach to the republics of the former Soviet Union continues to grow under the new leadership of Paul who with his team are doing a great job expanding the work of DPMs outreach offices in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and many other languages of the former Soviet Union. Derek’s teaching is reaching men and women in this region and the Baltic States through the Russian Correspondence Bible School which currently enrols over 2,000 students, including many prisoners.

Derek’s Russian radio programme, Derek Prince Interpretiruet Biblia, which first aired in 1986, has also touched many lives. In 1995, Derek’s Russian teachings aired for 13 weeks over 40 Russian television stations in the CIS, reaching millions of people. Derek’s materials are available in Russian, Kazakh and Ukrainian.

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