Praise and Thanksgiving


Worldwide Prayer Focus


Worldwide Prayer Focus

April 2014

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. For he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Hebrews 10:23; 11:6

April 15 - FRANCE

  • Pray that more new students will enroll in the Bible Correspondence Course and that former and current students will hunger for the Word enough to persevere and complete it.
  • Pray for God’s strength and wisdom for Catherine in carrying her many responsibilities.


  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to be even more accessible through the website and other multi-media in 2014.
  • Pray for greater interest and more attendees at the monthly DVD teachings at an inner city hotel.


Pray for the staff to make good contacts at the Elim Bible Conference from April 21-25 where there will be a DPM exhibit with Derek’s material available.

April 18 - SLOVENIA

  • Slovenia seems to be very religious, but the number of born-again believers is very small. Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit that will reveal Christ and bring repentance from dead works to a living faith.
  • Pray for Matej, the coordinator, to stay in good health and to stand firm and fight a good fight of faith in his personal walk with Christ and service with DPM.
  • Pray for successful completion of the translation and printing of Life-Changing Spiritual Power.

April 19 - China

  • A China-based DPM co-worker recently shared that his church is being more closely watched by the authorities. Pray for protection over him and all other co-workers in China.
  • Pray for China’s new leaders who have not yet formulated their religious policy. First signs are not entirely good.

April 20 - Czech Republic

Daniel and his wife, Kristina, would appreciate your prayers as they pastor a local church in Prague, coordinate DPM’s work and are also involved in other mission activities. Pray for God´s protection, wisdom, good health and provision for their lives and ministry. (Also pray for their three daughters.)

April 21 - Israel

  • Greater opportunities are opening for distributing Derek’s material. Pray for the right contacts to most effectively use and distribute Derek’s teaching.
  • An Iranian parliament representative gave a speech recently, which included the longstanding denial of pursuing nuclear weapons, yet then declared the use of such against Israel: “We don’t aspire to obtain a nuclear bomb, but it is necessary so we can put Israel in its place.” Pray for the Lord’s faithfulness to His land and people to be seen in spite of ongoing threats.

April 22 - ALBANIA

  • Pray for Pastor Nick and co-worker, Orkid, to be able to lay a good foundation for the future work of DPM in Albania.
  • Pray for open doors for Derek’s teaching and for the hearts of church leaders and other believers to be receptive to his material.

April 23 - Solomon Islands

  • Approval was recently received from prison authorities to extend DPM’s study programs to another facility. Pray for God’s guidance and anointing to teach and minister to these inmates.
  • Continue to pray for prisoners and youth who are working through the Self-Study Bible Course.
  • Also pray for the new coordinator, Hudson, to work in God’s strength and anointing as he marks the courses received from the students.

April 24 - Pakistan

  • Pray for God’s protection for James, Elizabeth, their sons and the book translators, especially for those translating six of Derek’s books into the Pushto, Dari, Sindhi and Balochi languages.
  • Pray also for God’s protection for their book storage rooms, material and office.
  • Pray for an increase in book sales, especially in Karachi and Lahore.


  • Pray for the right doors to open for new contacts to support Director Ruedi in expanding the distribution of Derek’s teaching material in this nation.
  • Pray for the Lord’s provision and guidance to be evident in a special way in 2014.


Doors continue to open for contacts in Latin America. Pray for clear direction from the Lord as to the establishment of any offices in these nations to give local oversight for distributing Derek’s teaching and expanding the work of the ministry.


  • Pray for the right timing for revisiting the nation of Barbados this year where there is interest from local donors in establishing a DPM base.
  • There is a small, but fervent segment of young people who are feeding upon Derek’s teaching! Pray for connection with many more and wisdom in expanding the outreach to college students.

April 28 - Slovakia

  • Pray for the successful release and distribution of the book Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
  • Pray that this teaching will help new believers grow stronger in their commitment to Christ and their service in the Kingdom.
  • Pray for new doors to open to churches, favor with church leaders, and good sales of material.
  • Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit for the Slovak team as they tirelessly work toward reaching Slovak believers with Derek’s Bible teaching.

April 29 - SERBIA

· Two new books, Called to Conquer and You Matter to God, are scheduled to be published in 2014. Pray for the Lord’s anointing upon the new translators to clearly communicate Derek’s teaching of God’s Word.

· Pray for needed financial resources for book publishing and other projects.

· Pray for more volunteers to help with website development.

· Pray a strong relationship between the two coordinators and a good team spirit among all the workers.

April 30 - EGYPT

Pray for protection, guidance and wisdom for DPM co-workers in Cairo as they carry on with the production of Derek’s teaching materials in Arabic.

By awesome deeds in righteousness, You will answer us, O God of our salvation. You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.

Psalm 65:5, 11

May 2014

For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:32b–33


The book Life-Changing Spiritual Power is now in the final stages of production.

  • Pray for protection, wisdom and favor for all those involved in this project (editors, proofreader, graphic designer) and for each worker to finish his tasks on time.
  • Pray for favor with the printer so as to get a fair price and successful completion of the printing.


· An Anglican priest and his family in the Isabel Province (a stronghold of “religion”) have been touched by Derek’s radio broadcasts. Pray that this priest will use Derek’s material to teach many others and that they will be transformed by Derek’s teaching.

· The recent flooding disaster in this nation brought death and destruction and left thousands homeless and displaced. There are also food, water, power and medical supply shortages. DPM workers are safe, but during this time of recovery, pray that the Lord would use them to encourage and minister to those who are suffering.


The DPM Sydney conference on Israel and the Church, entitled “Unleashing the Elijah Legacy,” is scheduled for August 29–30. Speakers will be Peter Tsukahira, along with David Davis of Mount Carmel Congregation in Haifa, Israel. Pray for successful preparation and a good attendance.


  • Pray for the editors who are working on The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit for pastors and Bible colleges so that it can be completed without delay and distributed in July.
  • Pray for many opportunities for Director Jacob to use Derek’s teaching to train pastors and other Christian leaders throughout Myanmar in the months ahead.


  • Pray for peaceful elections on May 7 and that the Lord will raise up leaders of His choosing.
  • Pray for a good response to the recent Africa outreach mailing which raises support for the Graduate Gift Packs, Bible College Library Packs and Pastors’ Packs.


Pray that new friends of the ministry made at the recent Elim Bible Week exhibition will grow spiritually

and be built up in their faith through Derek’s teaching materials.


Pray for the right printers and distributors for Derek’s book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power.

May 8—Sierra Leone

The shipment of material sent from the U.K. in January arrived safely in Freetown, and the DPM contacts are thrilled with the books. Pray for safe and effective distribution of these materials.

May 9—New Zealand

Pray for wisdom and guidance for Director Warren Smith as he oversees new initiatives in several countries where DPM is expanding: Philippines, Korea, Japan and Nauru.


  • Pray for the course “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” beginning on May 3 to be successful.
  • Pray for more volunteers, especially in book editing and administrative assistance.

May 11—KOREA

Pray for the funds and workers needed to translate several more of Derek’s books into Korean.

May 12—Indonesia

  • Staff member Kevin recently spoke at a rally for 900 young people and university students who received Derek’s booklet, Purpose for Living. Pray for the salvation of these young men and women and that they would find their true purpose for living by reading this booklet.
  • A church in the Serpong area bought 850 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course for newcomers. Pray that it will help them build a strong spiritual foundation in their lives.


· Pray that the recently released book, Called to Conquer, will have a great impact on the body of Christ in Bulgaria, enabling believers to grasp and apply the biblical truths Derek teaches.

· Pray for the successful publishing of Pulling Down Strongholds and for its wide acceptance.


Recently Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, a best-selling title in Poland, was reprinted.

  • Pray for successful distribution and good response from those receiving it.
  • Pray that this teaching will stir the hearts of nominal believers in traditional churches to seek a relationship with the Lord and hunger for His Word rather than continue in rituals and traditions.
  • Pray that this book will be a great tool for church leaders to help them disciple new converts and bring them into freedom in Christ.

May 15—IRAN

· Pray for new initiatives in Iran, including the production of micro SD cards containing Derek’s video and text materials.

· Pray for these cards to be safely copied and shared among networks of Iranian pastors and other believers.

May 16—NAURU

Derek’s radio programs are now airing across this South Pacific island nation. Pray for success for the next outreach initiative to import and distribute Derek’s books.

May 17—Turkey

The new website is now under development. Pray for those working on it and that it will be a powerful ministry tool to enable DPM to more effectively reach out to the nation.


  • Pray for open doors to all denominations in Croatia.
  • Pray that Damir, the director, will have favor with church leaders in presenting Derek’s Bible teaching material.
  • Pray for the team in Croatia to stay focused and accomplish all that God has planned for 2014.


· Pray for wisdom and guidance for DPM co-workers in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

· Pray that Derek’s Russian materials will strengthen and encourage many in their faith.

· Pray for the Russian TV programs to be a spiritual lifeline, especially for those in remote areas.


· Pray for Ukraine at this time of uncertainty and that many will come to faith in Christ.

· Pray that the body of Christ here will be encouraged and strengthened through DPM’s ministry.


  • Pray for strong relationships among the DPM network of pastors, evangelists, Bible schools and Christian organizations that promote and use Derek’s teaching material.
  • Pray for favor and wisdom as these leaders distribute teaching material so that others will network with DPM and help strengthen the body of Christ in Norway.


  • Pray for more contacts and increased provision for DPM’s work.
  • Pray that Tich, the director, will be encouraged as he moves ahead with the work of DPM.
  • Pray that the situation in this country will change, bringing more job opportunities for Zimbabweans who are suffering due to 95 percent unemployment.

May 23—NEPAL

A pastor (who is also a practicing lawyer) has translated and printed Derek’s booklets, Authority and Power of God’s Word and Through Repentance to Faith in the Tamang language.

  • Pray for God’s anointing and protection upon him as he continues to translate Derek’s material.
  • Pray that all who receive this teaching will be greatly blessed and nurtured by it.


  • Anne-Joëlle is volunteering her time to translate Do You Realize How Valuable You Are? Pray for the Lord’s anointing upon this task and blessing over her life!
  • Continue to pray for more open doors and renewed vision for René as he promotes Derek’s teaching to build up the Church in France.

May 25—CHINA

  • Pray for Sister L who is working on the latest order for DPM material. She has many pressures as she prepares, prints, packs and distributes Derek's books. China has more freedom than in the past, but there are often pressures on those who seek to build up other believers.
  • Pray for Brother Z who runs the DVD production facility. He and his workers copy and produce many thousands of DVDs and CDs of Derek’s teaching every week. At the same time, work is ongoing to get many more of Derek’s teaching DVDs in Chinese ready for distribution.


  • Pray for Ruedi, the director, to make new contacts for expanding the work of DPM.
  • Pray for needed provision to produce and distribute Derek’s teaching materials.


Derek’s Russian books have connected DPM to many fine Russian Jewish believers in Israel who are very appreciative of DPM around the world. Their suffering has made them a special people, and we are more than thankful to know they are here praying for Israel and the Church! Pray that God will protect them and use them mightily for His purposes in Israel.

May 28—CUBA

· Pray for peace and protection for the DPM workers and the printing press so that printing and distribution of Derek’s books will continue without hindrance.

· Pray for Director Adalberto to walk in God’s wisdom, peace and encouragement.


Prison outreach continues to grow, whereby hundreds of inmates receive teaching material every

month. Pray for the Lord to mightily touch these men and women who are studying His Word and looking

to serve Him both inside and outside prison.

May 30—JAPAN

Translations are in progress on several Teaching Letters for subsequent website access. Pray for the workers involved and that this project will be completed successfully.


Pray for translators to become available for Balochi and Sindhi so that Life-Changing

Spiritual Power can be published in these two languages.


Worldwide Prayer Focus

June 2014

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

Matthew 7:7–8


In June, Branislav, Director of Outreach in this region, plans to visit DPM directors in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Pray for:

  • Angelic protection over him as he travels.
  • God’s favor and guidance as he shares DPM’s vision with these leaders, as they evaluate new opportunities and make necessary adjustments for the work to be more effective.
  • Brano to have prophetic words of encouragement from the Lord for each director he meets with.

June 2—CHINA

Pray for encouragement and strength for a pastor in south China whose vision is to send out workers to spread the Gospel to China’s minority peoples as well as those in Laos, Cambodia and the Middle East. His network has already distributed 50,000 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course. The DPM–China team is working closely with him in outreach and the training of workers through Derek's materials.

June 3—NEPAL

  • Pray for good health, strength and God’s protection for Pastor Gopaljee, his wife Ganga, daughter Ruchi, and the other DPM distributors in Nepal.
  • Pray for the huge book reprinting project currently underway.
  • Pray for successful connection with another ministry for expansion of work in Nepal.


  • Pray for wise and safe distribution of the new book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, and for church leaders to be receptive as they are offered this book for small group leaders and new believers.
  • Pray for believers to be transformed and equipped by the power of God´s Spirit and Word.


  • Pray for wisdom for Director Dan Tracy for outreach projects during the remainder of 2014.
  • Pray for abundant provision for every need so that the Lord’s purposes for DPM are fulfilled.

June 6—GHANA

A shipment of Derek Prince books is en route to Ghana. Pray for this material to arrive safely and that Derek’s teaching material will be the beginning of a new spiritual work in this nation.

June 7—KENYA

Layout has begun on the Swahili translation of Life-Changing Spiritual Power.

· Pray for the workers doing the graphic design, proofreading and printing so that every step will be completed successfully.

· Pray that this material will be an excellent resource for the Kenyan church.


· Pray for greater networking with churches and other ministries to increase the awareness and distribution of Derek’s teaching material across Canada.

· Pray for favor from the right contacts who will help get Derek’s teaching into many prisons.

· Pray for strength, encouragement and wisdom for Director Bob Yeo and the DPM board.

June 9—poland

  • Pray for protection, good health, strength and wisdom for Agnieszka and Marek, the coordinators.
  • Pray for the successful redesigning and launching of the new website.

June 10—India

  • Pray for a breakthrough in the sale of material in India. There are many hundreds of bookshops in India, but they are very difficult to find and there is no directory listing them.
  • Pray that people who know of Derek’s teaching will talk to the bookshop owners in their areas and request more of Derek’s teaching so the owners will be encouraged to purchase it.
  • Pray also for more people to use the DPM–India website for online purchases.


Derek’s book, Rediscovering God’s Church, has impacted a church of over 20,000 members who believe in the general priesthood of all believers and in local church leadership of elders and the five-fold ministry (apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors). Elders have now been installed in the church’s 10 locations, a break from tradition. Pray for the church in Indonesia to be likewise transformed and for Derek’s books to continue to play a vital role in all aspects of church life.


In January, the Islamist authority confiscated 320 Bahasa and Iban Bibles and banned the use of 35 Bahasa (Arabic) words and phrases which Christians are not allowed to use, including words for God, prophet, Gospel and God willing. Therefore, printing has been delayed of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Burmese and Nepali. Pray that God will touch the hearts of Christian leaders in Malaysia’s Parliament to stand up for their faith and make it known to the Prime Minister that Christians have rights as spelled out in the Malaysian Constitution.

June 13—NORWAY

  • Pray for DPM’s outreach partners to connect their friends to DPM’s work in Norway.
  • Pray for the DPM board members to have God’s wisdom and creativity in planning new projects to extend outreach in this region.


Pray for the beginning steps of outreach in Baku, Azerbaijan. Faith to Live By has been printed in

Azeri for the first time, and other new projects are being planned.

June 15—FRANCE

  • Continue to pray for new Bible Correspondence Course students and for former and current students to persevere to finish the Course.
  • Pray for safe and quick arrival of all the shipments of French material on their way to Africa. It can sometimes take up to three months or more to arrive!
  • Pray for more contributions to be made through the French website. People in France are still a bit reluctant to give online.


  • Pray for new outreach opportunities on radio and TV so that a growing number of people will tune in to the programs, be radically changed and contact the office for Derek’s material.
  • Pray for more people to visit the website, which will be adding online courses, Derek’s Teaching Letters and other free material.


· Pray for God’s inspiration and guidance for the design and development of new online courses based upon Derek’s teaching.

· Pray that this fresh approach will be powerfully used to help disciple people in God’s Word.


Pray that the new Amharic book, Rediscovering God's Church, would help correct the widespread error

and misunderstanding that exists on this important subject.

June 19—ISRAEL

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s other leaders need our prayers. They are standing against evil forces and feel they are without support to match a world atmosphere of hostility. Pray they will rely upon God who promised in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, to give them a land and a nation.


Pray for wisdom, protection and the Holy Spirit’s anointing for the translators, editors and graphic designer as they continue to work on new books in the Croatian language.

June 21—China

Pray for wisdom for the distribution agents who contact church leaders to find out which DPM materials would be most helpful, arrange delivery and then follow up to ensure the materials have arrived safely. Some believers often change their phone numbers, making it sometimes difficult to respond to previous requests.


  • Pray for creativity in the development of the web shop, using social media for promotion, etc.
  • Pray for Jolinde, a volunteer who is translating Living As Salt and Light, and who also will help publish it.


Indonesia is being increasingly threatened by a vocal and violent Islamism. Yet, in spite of this, DPM and other Christian organizations are making an impact, and many Muslims are coming to Christ. Pray for:

  • God’s protection upon Director Yoegi; Outreach Director, Peter, and the three young staff members as they reach out to this Muslim nation with Derek’s teaching.
  • God’s protection over the few Christian local officials who have been elected in Muslim-majority areas and who experience intense opposition.


Faith to Live By was recently printed in the Tigrigna language. Pray for this book to reach and encourage Eritrean believers. Many have suffered persecution and been forced to leave and live as refugees in other countries.

June 25—Solomon Islands

  • A recent visit was made to Auki Prison Center in Malaita Province to present Derek’s teaching, and inmates are now going through the Self-Study Bible Course. Pray for them to have a spiritual awakening as they study God’s Word.
  • Pray for a volunteer to distribute the Life-Changing Spiritual Power books in Auki Prison Center and also visit the center regularly on behalf of DPM.
  • A former prison inmate is distributing Life-Changing Spiritual Power in the west of the Solomons. Pray that these books will be a channel for the ministry to reach that province.

June 26—Pakistan

The influence of the Pakistani Taliban is gaining power, and the government is reported to be very lenient towards them. After a 22-year business relationship, a printer refused to continue printing for a pastor due to monitoring by radical religious parties to find out which printers are working for Christians.

  • Pray for protection over the DPM printers and that DPM’s work will not be hindered in this way.
  • Pray also for new initiatives in distributing Derek’s teaching.


The Australia team will be assisting an Aboriginal ministry on an upcoming trip to Arnhem Land in the northeast corner of Australia, an area that has been occupied by Indigenous people for thousands of years. Pray for the success of this ministry and that Derek’s teaching will have a great impact upon many.


· Pray for DPM–USA leadership to have spiritual clarity for reaching more Hispanic nations.

· Pray for the right contacts to be made in the right countries for overseeing the work of DPM.


· Pray for the ongoing re-recording of Derek’s 15-minute radio program to go well and that these broadcasts will bring good response.

· As opportunities for outreach to college students increase, pray for those involved to have wisdom and insight in establishing a good network of contacts.

June 30—UGANDA

Thousands of Derek Prince books have been sown into the Ugandan church.

· Pray that these resources will bring understanding of the truths of God’s Word.

· As Christian leaders grow in their understanding, pray that God will use them to teach others and build up the church in Uganda.


May/June 2014

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Philippians 4:19–20

Australia—Alex Genovese

At last year’s Sydney conference, we launched an appeal on behalf of the Aboriginal Church in Brewarrina NSW for the purchase of a small school bus to pick up children for Kids Church on Sundays. In March, we were able to deliver a 14-seat bus to the church leaders! We praise the Lord for His favor and thank those who donated to and prayed for this project.

China—Ross Paterson

  • A DPM–UK supporter generously gave £5,000 ($8,324) for Bibles for China at the very time a Chinese pastor told us of a major need for Bibles. It was wonderful to be able to use this gift to meet this request. The Bibles will soon be in the hands of believers in China.
  • We thank God for local believers who faithfully serve to provide Derek’s material to churches by printing his Chinese books, as well as preparing and distributing DVDs and radio programs.

CroatiaDamir and Irene Blazic

· We praise the Lord for new open doors for the distribution of Derek’s teaching across Croatia, including Roman Catholic charismatic groups.

· Recently, we established contact with a large Pentecostal church in Varaždin, so we expect more materials to go to Croatian believers in the coming months.

France—René de Groot

· We are thankful for two new French translations just released: Pulling Down Strongholds and Living as Salt and Light.

· An American missionary organization ordered 2,000 copies of Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting to be distributed to pastors and leaders in Chad (Africa) in April. They even paid for airlifting the books (at great cost) to get them there in time!

· We thank the Lord for a steady two shipments per month going out to Bible schools in Africa, predominantly Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

India—Elsie and Danny

We praise God for a very successful ministry trip to Gujarat and Maharashtra where we saw the Lord move in mighty ways and open doors to many churches for Derek’s teaching.


  • Book sales in January were up slightly, and we also received some very generous donations. One donor bought 100 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power to distribute to the staff of a very influential TV station here in Jakarta. 
  • We recently sent copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power and Derek’s teaching CDs to the Siloam Evangelical Church of North Sumatra. The pastors were greatly blessed and the Synod (regional) Chairman wrote to us as follows:

On behalf of the pastors of Siloam Evangelical Church, I would like to thank you for the

books and CDs. These materials have been a real blessing to our ministry. Thank God,

when the books were received at our recent synod conference, it was like a breeze of

fresh air to the pastors. I have personally benefited from the messages because of

Derek’s vast knowledge and experience in dealing with the spirit world. Some of the

pastors have been especially blessed by the CD teachings. As most of them are from

villages and have only a bare minimum of school education (up to secondary school),

they have difficulty reading books, especially bulky ones. So they were very much

helped by the CDs, which they just have to turn on to listen to. Praise the Lord.

Pastor Partogi Pasaribu


We praise God for the opportunity to bless 350 conference delegates (including a women’s conference) with free copies of Derek’s book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power.

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

We had the opportunity to supply 850 copies of the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, for conferences in Bhutan and Sikkim (eastern end of the Himalayas), Siliguri (northeast India) and eastern Nepal.

Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • The new Internet course on the book, Promised Land, has gotten off to a successful start. We have had very positive responses and interaction with over 230 students.
  • We are seeing a continued increase in subscriptions to the Daily Devotionals, which are well read and received.
  • We praise the Lord for our wonderful volunteers—Robin, Els and Janneke, Theo, Marijke, Jolinde, and Yne—who help us with our YouTube Channel, Young Leaders Program, course development and sending out the Daily Devotionals.
  • We are encouraged by the well-received new mini-magazine, which includes a Teaching Letter on prayer for Israel and the DPM work in China.

Norway—Sverre Kristoffersen

  • We are very encouraged by many people who are calling the office to express gratitude for DPM.

They say that Derek is special and his teaching is exceptional, radical, and so biblical!

  • Through Gospel Channel Iceland, many people all over Scandinavia can watch Derek’s programs daily. So we know his Bible teaching is making an impact in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia.

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth was asked to pray for a girl, Maira, who was going through a time of unrest and unable to sleep, causing her entire family to be disturbed. After praying, Elizabeth led Maira through Derek’s Proclamation to Overcome the Devil. After the prayer and proclamation, she was completely healed and delivered! Maira’s friend was also under demonic attack after involvement with charms. She was also set free, and both she and Maira accepted Jesus as their Savior!
  • We have received a number of testimonies of how people have been blessed by Derek’s book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power. I would like to share two of them:

The only book I want to keep with me and my Bible is LCSP because it has everything

I need to grow in my spiritual life. What a great blessing from DPM. I helped in distribution because I am blessed by this book personally. Receiving this wonderful six-in-one book

is a dream come true for me. An evangelist from Bannu

North West Frontier Province

(near Afghanistan)

What a wonderful gift for those who are sitting and waiting in the darkness. No one came

to us, but we have this Derek Prince book. I am absolutely sure DPM is following the vision

and has heard from God that “If you want to bless someone needy, bless him abundantly.”

In this case of LCSP, it is not just one book; there are SIX books.

A pastor from Mirpur Interior Sindh

Solomon Islands—Tele Bartlett

  • We attended the 100-year Jubilee Celebration of the South Sea Evangelical church in March and distributed copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power and Teaching Letters to the church leaders.

  • Recently, 39 prison inmates completed the Self-Study Bible Course. It was a special day of real joy for them. They thank DPM for providing this course, which has helped them understand the truth. They have now accepted Jesus as Lord of their lives. One testimony reads:

I began to realize the fullness of life in Christ Jesus and of how God intended for me to

be reconciled back to Him and fully restored to my original purpose, which He already

predestined before time began. Fredrick Silu

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • We praise God for donations received from a South African donor for DPM–South Africa and DPM–Zimbabwe.

  • The Prayer Support members are a very vital part of our team. They are real prayer warriors not often seen by the public eye. And it is the financial supporters and those who buy Derek’s material or give it to friends who keep the ministry going. We are so grateful for them all.

  • Derek’s radio broadcasts are touching people’s lives across the country. Some are hearing Derek for the first time. Others have listened regularly for years without missing a program. The radio station in Pretoria said that if Derek’s broadcasts are not aired, they get a rush of phone calls to let them know! A new station, Hope Radio, has been downloading Derek’s programs from radio that referred them to us for broadcasts. This station covers one million potential listeners in three major industrial towns and seven townships.

  • Recently, 23 French-speaking pastors graduated from Missionary Exposure Training. One was from Angola and the others from the Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville. They were blessed by the Graduate Gift Packs in French that we gave them. Normally we give a set of French foundational teaching on DVD and a French Self-Study Bible Course. This is the first time we were able to give them other French titles thanks to funds that were available for us to get a supply of these books from DPM–France. They were so grateful.

  • Derek’s teaching continues to impact people’s lives as they listen to him on radio or TV or read his books. We sometimes pray in our staff devotions for the Lord to remind people to read Derek’s books that they have on their shelves or listen to the CDs or DVDs that they already have—or re-read or re-listen! This was the case with a man in Johannesburg who is an engineer with a large government organization.

  • Here is his testimony:

He faced downsizing and “happened” to pick up a copy of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose that he had bought 15 to 20 years ago! He started reading at 9 a.m. and read until 11 p.m.  He was so moved by the teaching because he could identify with the curses in his family. His father was a Dutch Reformed minister who lost his wife and was left with two children. There was an arranged marriage with another lady who lost her husband and was left with two children as well.

All his life he felt as if he did not belong. All his male siblings were alcoholics, poor and died at a young age. He alone did well at school and got a scholarship to university and then to the U.S. for his doctorate. He knew the Lord had His hand on his life. He had been through a divorce, but Derek’s book brought light to his darkness. After two hours at our office on a Saturday morning, he was delighted at all Derek’s teaching that was available. He went home encouraged and loaded with material and said he will definitely be back for more.

ZimbabweTich Ruzane

  • We were able to attend an Ellel Ministries conference in Bulawayo and Harare and supply Derek’s books for those who came.
  • A pastors’ conference was held in Gweru, and we were able to share about DPM’s work in Zimbabwe and the material that is available. The pastors were very interested. One who attended has a Bible school and receives the Graduate Gift Packs every year. I was also encouraged by a book shop that wanted 20 copies of Fatherhood and had the cash to pay for them.

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