Defense against Discouragement

The first time I ever heard Billy Graham speak was in London in 1954. One thing he said at that service never left me. He said, “God never uses a discouraged Christian.” I thought that over and concluded that was not really fair. Discouragement was definitely a problem I was facing in those days myself, and I thought it was not very nice for him to say that. The example he gave was Gideon sitting behind the winepress, threshing the wheat and hiding in utter discouragement. The angel came to Gideon with the unexpected statement, “The LORD is with you, you mighty man of valor!” (Judges 6:12). Gideon surely looked around to see whom the angel was talking to, because he was cowering in fear from the Midianites. The Lord had to change Gideon’s picture of himself before He could do anything with him.

The same is true of us. If we can’t look at ourselves through the eyes of faith, then we are scarcely eligible for God’s service. A wrong negative picture of ourselves will frustrate everything God wants to do for us unless we view things in a different light. Basically I want to talk to you about the Scripture’s answer to discouragement and how to deal with that type of spiritual attack.

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