Enduring Under Trials

In Matthew 24 and Mark 13 Jesus gave a prophetic preview of the situation that will exist in the
world immediately prior to His return. Today we are seeing around us many of the conditions He
predicted. But Jesus also gave directions to believers for survival in these situations. The key
requirement can be stated in one word: endurance. Although it is often translated differently in
various translations–“patience,” “longsuffering” (KJV), “perseverance” (NASB), or “stand firm”
(NIV)–the best single translation is probably “endurance.”

To begin, let’s look at two specific passages. In
each instance, Jesus is speaking of the breakdown
of relationships and the widespread persecution of
Christians. First, in Matthew 24: Because lawlessness
will abound, the love of many will grow cold. v. 12

When people become lawless, they also become
loveless. Too often we think of love as free and
uninhibited, requiring no laws or discipline. But that is
incorrect. Love and discipline go hand in hand. When
discipline and law break down, love grows cold. It is
significant that the word for “love” in this passage is
agape, which is essentially the love of Christians. Jesus
is not talking about the love of the world growing
cold, but rather the love of Christians growing cold.
That is a much more serious situation.

After foretelling this lack of love, Jesus adds this
admonition in verse 13: But he who endures to the end
shall be saved.

In order to be saved, we must go all the way to the
end–and that will require endurance on our part.

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