China Outreach

Derek Prince (known in Chinese 'Ye Guang-Ming') has become a well known and highly respected Bible teacher throughout China.



The outreach of DPM into China began in 1984. Ross Paterson, a fluent Mandarin speaker who had worked in Taiwan for ten years, believed God told him to “take Derek Prince’s teaching to China”. Ross approached Derek, who readily gave his permission and his blessing. So the China outreach was born. Today the office is based in Singapore.


Radio Broadcasting

Ross, then living in the UK, negotiated with the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Hong Kong to broadcast a daily fifteen-minute Mandarin radio programme into China. The English radio programme 'Today with Derek Prince' was translated into Chinese and given the title 'Living Sacrifice'. To make the teaching more acceptable to the Chinese (then still highly suspicious of foreigners) Derek was given the name Ye Guang-Ming, meaning Clear Light. 'Living Sacrifice' was also translated into Cantonese and other Chinese minority languages. The programme ran for two years, and became so popular in China that the radio listeners requested more. A four-year programme (edited from Derek’s audiocassette teachings) called The Workman God Approves followed.

DPM China has now been broadcasting Derek’s teaching into China for over fifteen years. Both 'Living Sacrifice' and 'The Workman God Approves' have been completely re-edited and broadcast a second time. In addition, the whole of the 'Foundation Series' was edited into fifty-two        half-hour Chinese radio programmes. Since this broadcast commenced, the pattern of five, fifteen minute programmes a week has changed to two, half-hour programmes a week. Material from this last series was also recorded on to audio cassettes for use by us and other ministries to train pastors in China. A new radio series called 'The Way of Holiness', based on DPM material that has never been used in Chinese before, is now being broadcast into Cina. 

The broadcasting of Derek’s teaching into China has been, and still is, a valuable and effective means for reaching many thousands of people. Through radio we have sent countless ‘messages’ over the ‘Bamboo Curtain’ and, on hearing them, many have found salvation or a closer walk with the Lord. Radio broadcasting continues to be an effective means for reaching a country where Christians still face much opposition to the spread of the Gospel.

Chinese Books


There is a severe shortage of Bible teaching materials in China. As Communism took hold, especially during the Cultural Revolution, most Bibles and Christian books inside China were either confiscated or burnt, and all Christian publishing houses closed. Today, even though the publication of Christian literature in China has resumed, the government still imposes strict controls. Many of the letters sent to FEBC plead for Christian books.

DPM China responded to this great need almost twenty years ago by starting to translate Derek’s books into Chinese. Derek Prince (i.e.Ye Guang-Ming) has become a well known and highly respected Bible teacher through the radio broadcasts. Now his books are also in great demand. Many of his books have been printed and distributed all over China. They are printed in a small format, with plain covers (to make them less conspicuous) and have no overseas addresses on them that might endanger the Chinese reader.

A major project was launched in 1995 to print and distribute one million copies of the Foundation Series in Chinese by the year 2000. With God’s help, we reached that goal in late 1999. By the end of 2006, we have printed about five million copies of other Derek Prince titles. Thus, the total of all books is approximately six million copies. Initially the books were printed in Hong Kong but now most books are printed inside China. They are then given away to any Chinese believer who needs them. One of our team said, “A teaching book is like a missionary in China; it goes from person to person to person, teaching the Word of God. It is never thrown away – unless the security police get hold of it!” Some of the books are moved within China by a large army of couriers, affectionately known as ‘donkeys’. Since 1999, teams from overseas have travelled to many different parts of China to deliver books. These books were then distributed to members of the house churches.


Audio - Visual

In 2003 we, at DPM China, discovered that not only was China experiencing a boom in the computer industry with moreand more Chinese owning of computers, but Chinese Christians in house churches were also gaining increased access to computers. We began converting Ye Guang Ming's (Derek Prince's Chinese name) radio broadcasts into electronic format. In early 2005 we purchased a CD duplicator and in 2006 set up a CD factory in China. By end of 2006 we had copied and distributed over 700,000 audio/video CDs of Derek's teaching.


The Internet

As well as our own site ( we also run a sister site in the Chinese language ( This is not a mirror of the English site but contains helpful materials for the Chinese speaker.  These include on-line books and radio programmes, which have proved very useful to visitors by viewing the section "Cyberspace"


Looking Forward

China, with its population of more than one billion, is a huge mission field. Its fast growing church and its increasing openness to the outside world (for good or for bad) presents one of the greatest spiritual battles of our day. In the face of this huge challenge, DPM will work increasingly to help meet that need.