Former Soviet Union

From Ukraine to Siberia, Belarus to Kazakhstan, Georgia to Tajikistan, Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching, freely available in several languages, is helping thousands of Christians to grow strong in their faith.

Making much needed Bible teaching available to church leaders and believers in Russian, Ukrainian, Tajik and other languages is not a new idea. In fact, Derek Prince Ministries, working through local outreach partners, has resourced Christians in this region since 1986. And in over two decades we have seen some remarkable transformations take place in the lives of individuals and communities.

Here are just a few examples of how Derek’s teaching is changing the lives of new believers, congregations and prisoners in Russia, Belarus and elsewhere:


Sergey: Making a fresh start
Sergey, 19, lived in agony battling with alcohol addictions. He spent his days begging on a busy street corner in Moscow. Local Christians brought him in from the cold, loved him and prayed for him. They told him about Jesus’ saving love and offered him a copy of Derek’s book Faith to Live By. A few months later Sergey is a different man. He has invited Jesus into his life.


Mariana: God is doing far more than we ever dreamt of for our church
Mariana and her husband lead a church in Hrodno, Belarus. They felt tired and discouraged—despite all their hard work the church was not growing. One day they got hold of a Russian copy of Foundation Series by Derek Prince. God began to do something amazing in this church—Derek’s teaching inspired the congregation to dig deeper into the Word and attract new people who want to discover more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Vlad: Hope and freedom for prisoners
In Yekatirinburg, Russia, pastor Vlad was meeting with a group of 20 prisoners. After a few minutes, Vlad asked the men if the Self-Study Bible Course has made any difference to them. One after another, prisoners stand up and tell their stories. “I was desperate and had lost all hope. Now look at me,” said one of them. “I feel free inside. I have repented of my sins. I have learnt to take responsibility for my life, thanks to the Bible teaching you have given us.”


ladyEvery day I praise God for giving us countless opportunities to make Derek Prince’s teaching available to pastors, evangelists and believers in the former Soviet republics. Also, I thank Him for providing generous friends like you, who make possible the production of such valuable Bible teaching that inspire hundreds of thousands of Christians to bear fruit every day.

As you read this letter, I hope you will consider making a special gift to our DPM outreach in the former Soviet republics. Your donation can help provide much needed Bible teaching to the church leaders and congregations we serve.

Last year alone, we distributed over 180,000 books, over 30,000 CDs and DVDs—enabling spiritual growth and increased outreaches and ministry across the region.

Your support today is critical to our continued success. Right now we are seeking to reprint 40,000 copies of Derek Prince books including They Shall Expel Demons, Appointment in Jerusalem, Prophetic Guide to the End Times, Atonement, and others.

We know from past experience that these books are a lifeline to believers in this region, so we want to reprint and distribute them as quickly as we can.

What’s more, we are seeking to compile two new books containing collections of Derek’s teaching on: “Hearing God’s Voice” and “How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit.” Bible teaching on such foundational topics will make a world of difference to Christian leaders and to hundreds of participants in our popular Correspondence Bible school.

But the only way we can aid the spiritual growth of Christians in the former Soviet republics is with your help.

There has never been a greater need for solid Bible teaching in this part of the world. Christians are reaching out with the Good News of Jesus to drug and alcohol addicts, to prisoners, to the poor and marginalized. Many churches are growing rapidly. Some governments in this region are tightening up their controls on churches.

At this crucial time, I hope that we can count on you to help us offer Derek Prince’s life-changing Bible teaching to Christians in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and elsewhere. Your generous gift of £20, £30, £60 or whatever you can share can go a long way towards bringing new life to individuals and churches.

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On behalf of Christians and church leaders in the former Soviet republics, thank you.

Yours in Christ’s service,



Paul Mertke
Director, Russia Outreach