Teaching Letters

Ethics of Ministry, part 2

Christian Character

The message for the previous Teaching Legacy and this one was brought by Derek to a group of pastors and lay leaders in Cuba in 1996. Because of restrictions imposed by the Cuban government, Derek was allowed to speak only to small groups in house settings. His comments were addressed to leaders in that locale, but can be equally applied to Christians everywhere.

The Character Psalm
Having established in my last letter the fact that Christian character only comes through the cross, let’s now look at a picture of the character God expects, found in Psalm 15. It begins in the fi rst verse with these questions:

Lord, who may abide in Your tabernacle? Who may dwell in Your holy hill? Psalm 15:1

The rest of the psalm contains the answers to the questions. The psalmist David lists eleven characteristics of the people who will dwell in God’s holy hill. If we are going to dwell there, we need those characteristics.

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Your Walk With God, part 1

Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life . . . (Matthew 7:14 KJV).

Jesus here depicts the Christian life in two successive phases: first, a strait gate through which we must enter, second, a narrow way along which we must walk.

The “gate” represents a single entry experience—what the Bible calls “being saved” or “being born again.” The “way” represents the new kind of life into which this entry experience ushers us.

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Twelve Steps to a Good Year, part 1

Steps 1 and 2

This letter and the ones that follow in this series are designed to equip you to appropriate the fullness of God’s provision and blessing in the year that lies ahead.

The theme I have chosen for this series is the need for making right resolutions. The new year has been traditionally associated with resolutions.

Though it is not quite so fashionable today, when I was a boy growing up, at the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year, everybody made good resolutions for the new year—often knowing all too well that their resolutions would not last long. However, I do believe it is appropriate to make or reaffi rm resolutions at this time of year.

You see, resolutions (or decisions) determine attitudes. Our attitudes determine our approach to a situation. Our approach to a situation determines its outcome.

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Your Walk With God, part 2

Every close relationship between two persons requires regular, two-way communication. Without this, such a relationship cannot last. Marriage is a good example. A man and a woman may enter into marriage with a real love for each other and a sincere desire to make their marriage a success. But if they do not establish and maintain regular, free communication between themselves, their marriage will soon begin to break down. The same is true of the Christian’s relationship to God. Without regular, open, two-way communication, it will never succeed. We must learn both to speak regularly to God and to let God speak regularly to us.

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Twelve Steps to a Good Year, part 2

Steps 3 and 4

My theme for this year’s Teaching Legacy of Derek Prince is taken from the radio series, which presents in consecutive order, the twelve “let us” statements presented in the letter to the Hebrews.

The special purpose of this series is to equip you with an attitude and an outlook that will enable you to appropriate the fullness of God’s provision and blessing in the year that still lies ahead.

You see, so much depends on these two things—your attitude and your outlook—as you move ahead into all that God has planned for you.

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